Built by local government, for local government

Arrow provides a suite of specialised services to local government, using industry experience and expertise to curate the best results for our clients.

With the ever-increasing pressure on local government to do more with less, Arrow is constantly striving to find new solutions, services and efficiencies that can help councils to deliver for their communities.

Specialised solutions with expert insight

As the landscape of local government continually shifts and changes, the need for innovative solutions that can help councils to navigate this landscape has grown exponentially. Our businesses are designed to anticipate, meet and address these needs.

We currently specialise in local government law, purchasing and procurement, training, and film licencing through our four business units, bringing a depth of industry knowledge and experience to the services that we provide.

As new needs and requirements emerge across government platforms, Arrow looks for opportunities to design and provide new services, expertise and assistance to councils to meet these needs. If you have any feedback on our existing services, or have any recommendations on additional services you would like to see Arrow incorporate, please let us know.

Our Journey

Arrow was founded in the early 2000s with the establishment of Hunter Records Storage (under the entity Hunter Councils Limited). This records storage operation was designed to support councils in adapting to a new Records Act, as well as providing services to non-council clients. While Hunter Records Storage was subsequently sold in 2017, each business unit within Arrow has been designed to meet various needs of local government as they have emerged.

While our businesses were largely established as stand-alone businesses (within the entity Strategic Services Australia), ‘Arrow’ represents a strategic shift for our Organisation, bringing our local government expertise, knowledge, and experience together under one recognisable entity.

By ensuring collaboration, we can develop an even more intricate understanding of our industry, providing greater value for our clients, reading trends in local government, and converting these into solutions for councils in new and innovative ways.