Who is Arrow?

How can we empower and assist Local Government in day-to-day activities and resourcing, so that councils’ can continue to support our communities? That’s what we ask ourselves each day, and that’s why we’re here.

We are committed to providing and creating the absolute best service offerings possible to our Local Government clients.

Specialised solutions with expert insight

Our dream teams’ know all there is to know about; Local Government Law and Tendering & Procurement.
We have no plans of stopping there either, we are always looking for opportunities to develop new services to support councils. 

If you have any feedback on our existing services, or have any recommendations on additional services you would like to see Arrow explore for Local Government – we’d love to hear from you!

We are also proud partners with the Hunter Joint Organisation who deliver advocacy and programs on the economic, social and environmental issues affecting our communities. The Hunter JO Project team are committed to backing councils and together with Arrow, we work to support and empower local government to achieve their vision for their communities and council staff. 

Our Journey

We may have a fresh perspective, but we’re far from new to the industry! 

Originally founded in the early 2000’s, we’ve been in the game for a long time, so you can trust that we’ve got the expertise and knowledge to back up what we say.

Originally known as Hunter Councils Limited, our story started over 20 years ago with the establishment of Hunter Records Storage. The very first service we designed to support councils (and industry) in adapting to a new Records Act set forth by the State government.

The creation and evolution of this business further ignited the passion and commitment within our organisation to seek out the various needs of Local Government, and create specialised services to not only achieve these needs, but to also be the best providers possible.

Fast forward and Arrow has a unified view of collaborating across our industries to share and utilise our combined local government expertise, knowledge and experience under one roof.