Enabling growth
and leadership in the local government sector

Arrow provides a suite of specialised services to local government, using industry experience and expertise to curate the best results for our clients.

Arrow Co

Who is Arrow Collaborative Services?

Arrow Collaborative Services is a collective Organisation of 40+ staff members, across 5 business units all working towards the same goal of providing innovative and strategic solutions to the local government sector.

Our mission is:
To devise and deliver specialised solutions we first seek to listen and understand. We are then able to use insight and expertise to curate the best results for our client, enabling growth and leadership in the local government sector.

Our Businesses

By capitalising on the collaborative and extensive knowledge base across our Organisation, all businesses within Arrow can provide expert insight and curate tailored solutions for our clients.

Prospective clients can be confident, that we:

The Local Government Training Institute (LGTI), is a registered training organisation that offers specialised training solutions to Local Government, Industry, and the general public.
Regional Procurement is a leading procurement agency that offers quality tendering, contract administration and probity services to Government entities.
LGL acts for local government and other entities throughout New South Wales and specialises in the law as it applies to local government.
Screen Hunter collaboratively promotes, facilitates and licences film production, delivering economic growth and employment through screen.

Our Values

Your success as our customer is how we measure our performance. We are committed to succeeding together.
To establish meaningful and lasting connections, we first seek to listen and understand your needs to deliver a service that can exceed expectations.
We are dedicated to establishing and maintaining your trust by building clear alignment on what success looks like and consistently achieving those outcomes.
We specialize in local government, utilizing our wealth of experiences, knowledge and insight to curate the best results for you and your team.

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